Join us at the B. Amsterdam Building

Johan Huizingalaan
763A, 1066 VH
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Date and Time:

November 17, 2016. 3:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

A Networking Forum for Leaders Who are Rethinking Brand Equity, Innovation, and Business Relationships in The Cognitive Era.

A former IBM site for the manufacturing of IBM typewriters, welkom to the B. Amsterdam building, a creative workspace where business startups, creatives, and corporate professionals gather to work, innovate, learn, and grow. Please join us in a business-casual environment perfect for exchanging ideas and cultivating new relationships.


At The Heart of Business Tour, learn how businesses today are rethinking ways to reenergize their business and outthink the competition. Engage with your peers, thought leaders, and solution executives on how business communication and collaboration platforms, digital experience, and business insights are transforming modern work models.


We believe that people are the heart of business. Successful companies of all sizes recognize the need to leverage new solutions and ideas to help their teams. The purpose of this event is to inspire new ways to build value, trust, and passion with people, business, and communities to create great products and services.


Please join Brent Wolfe (IBM), Prabu Ayyagari (IBM), along with Kathelijne Drenth (CEO of The Twelve), Vanessa van de Vliet (IBM IBV Director), and solution executives from Acuity, Appfusions, FunaticGENBAND,  Riva CRM Integration, and Rocket Software at The Heart of Business Tour on Thursday, November 17th.

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2:30 p.m.

Doors open. Registration. Refreshments.

3:30 p.m.

Welcome to The Heart of Business


Join event hosts, Brent Wolfe and Prabu Ayyagari from IBM, as they kick off The Heart of Business Amsterdam event and extend a warm welcome to attendees.

Featured Speakers

Vanessa Carels van de Vliet

IBM Institute for Business Value, Global C-suite Studies

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Vanessa leads the Global C-suite Studies for Europe, Middle East, and Africa on business strategy trends in the boardroom.  She will highlight what executives think the future holds, and how they’re positioning their organizations to Outthink competition and create value in the Age of Disruption.

Business Stories

Hear how businesses are transforming with success stories from:


Featured Speaker

Kathelijne Drenth

CEO of The Twelve B.V.

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As leader of the Twelve “Leadership and Organizational Practice”, Kathelijne advises boards on whole-organization coherence and collaboration. She will highlight success factors, experiences, and stories about organizations that are learning to innovate and transform, Co-creating the future with meaning and purpose.

Business Stories

Hear how businesses are transforming with success stories from:


Event Summary

6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

The Art of Enjoyment

Enjoy refreshments and nourishment while connecting with your peers and global business leaders. Regardless of what area of business you are in, you will learn how to leverage partnerships and smarter business solutions integrated with IBM Collaboration and Cognitive Software to help your team and business create value and relationships.